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San Diego Cosmetic Dentistry Dr. D'Angelo's twenty years of experience with procedures in cosmetic dentistry have given him the opportunity to help hundreds of patients with almost every conceivable cosmetic concern. From the most simple repair of a chipped tooth to the most complicated full mouth reconstruction, Dr. D'Angelo is able to provide beautiful, natural looking results. Dr. D'Angelo believes that cosmetic dentistry isn't just a luxury for a select few people. Instead, it is an integral part of any restorative process.

Cosmetic dentistry, in its simplest form, provides skilled dentists like Dr. D'Angelo the ability to restore teeth affected by decay, chips, or fractures so that they are indiscernible from healthy neighboring teeth. Using his artistic talents and insight gained from his extensive experience, Dr. D'Angelo can provide his patients with the greatest benefits cosmetic dentistry has to offer. He has created beautiful smiles for people that were previously affected by misaligned, discolored or unattractive teeth.

Patients who have been displeased in the past with the old appearances of their smiles are amazed to see the dramatic improvement that can be achieved in a short period of time with help from of cosmetic dentistry

by Dr. D'Angelo.

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